General information ICBS De Vredeburg School year 2022/2023 

School hours 
We operate a continuous schedule. Walk-in is in the morning from 8.15 am. We start teaching activities at 8.30 am. For groups 1-2: on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, lessons end at 14:15. On Wednesday and Friday at 12:30 pm. For groups 3 to 8: on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, teaching days end at: 2:15 pm. On Wednesdays at 12:30pm. We would like to ask for your cooperation to be on time so that teaching activities can also start on time. 

Typing in your browser will take you to our website. On the website you will find mainly general information about the school, the internal regulations, as well as about the participation council. Via the digital news flash, in your mailbox you will be kept up to date with school news every week, which often appears at the end of the week. 

SchoolApp: PARRO  
In addition to our website, we also have an app. This app is called Parro and is part of our student administration and tracking system Parnassys. You will be invited to the Parro app by your child(ren)'s teacher when your child is new at school. If you log in using this link, you will immediately be linked to the correct group(s). Parents who are already logged in to Parro are automatically linked to the new group in the new year.  In any case, the teachers put a message on here every week. This could be anything, an impression of the lesson activities, playtime with the toddlers, pictures of an outing or a funny anecdote. You may also be asked via the app to help with an activity and you can sign up for parent meetings. If you are unable to sign up, or if you have any questions, please email You can also send a short message to the teacher via Parro.  
Cancellations of sickness or urgent matters go via telephone.  

Contact with school 
If your child is ill, please report it in the morning between 7.45am - 8.15am by phone: 023-5571690. If your child is still not here at 8.45 am and there has been no cancellation, we will contact you. In principle, sick notifications are received by our administrative assistant. You can also contact her to submit leave requests or administrative changes to your or your child's details (via You can also receive a leave form via the administration, should this be necessary. Even if your child is not yet of compulsory school age (5 years), we still ask you to fill in a leave form. This is neccesary for the administration to know.  

Contact with the teacher 
If you would like to report something to us briefly, please do so in the school yard or by phone before or after school. You can also send a message via Parro. We are always open to a conversation, but ask you to make an appointment to do so. From 14:25 to 14:45, teachers have a team meeting on Mondays/Tuesdays/Thursdays/Fridays, on Wednesdays from 12:40 to 13:00. This means we do not schedule calls then unless there is an emergency, of course. By phone, however, we can always be reached.  

Start of the day for the children 
Upon entering, children hang their coats on the coat rack. Gym bags are also allowed on the coat rack or in the appropriate bin.  
For group 1-2: The bag with lunch may be put in the green bin. Food and drinks before 10 am may be put in the trolley by the classroom. 
For groups 3 to 8: The bag containing food and drinks for 10 a.m. and lunch may be taken into the classroom.  

Walk-in is in the morning from 8.15am to 8.30am. On Mondays and Thursdays, you may enter the school to drop off your child. The children of groups 1 to 8 greet the teacher at the door of the classroom and start their work or reading immediately.  This allows them to start off at a leisurely pace. The teachers of groups 1-2 are on the square on Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday. 

At 8.30am, all children from group 4 to 8 read in their reading books (group 3 will follow later in the year). Should your child not be in class at 8.30am, this will be noted. If this happens more often, we will contact you to find out why. 

Rules of conduct 
In every group, at the beginning of the year, attention is paid to the agreements associated with Kanjertraining. These rules are hung up in the classroom and every child 'signs' these agreements. These agreements are also discussed at various times in the group. Attention is also paid to the school rules we have agreed with each other. 

1. We provide a quiet and safe school. 

2. We listen to each other and help each other. 

3. We treat materials and property neatly in a tidy school. 

4. We want everyone to have a good time at school. 

"You are a great kid when you find the solution yourself" 

Work care 
In every group, work care arrangements are regularly discussed with the children. We believe it is important to have the children work and write in a caring manner. 

Working independently 
In groups 3 to 8, we use a die with coloured dots for independent work. Each pupil has a die on which coloured dots mean different things. For example, "I work alone". This allows the teacher to indicate what he or she expects from the group in terms of independent work. The traffic light is also used: when do we work independently and when can you disturb the teacher.   

Your daughter/son may celebrate her/his birthday at school. There will be singing for the birthday boy or girl and treats will be allowed. The children do not need to bring a treat for the teachers. However, they will receive a nice birthday card on behalf of the team. Could you please keep the treats limited? Lollipops and chewing gum are not permitted for safety reasons. If you would like to know if there are children with any allergies, please feel free to contact us. 

Once a year, all groups put on a performance. The pupils perform dances, verses, plays, etc. Parents of groups 1 to 4 are invited by e-mail to come and watch. Groups 5 to 8 perform for a (parallel) group from the upper school.    

Sports day 
The sports day is planned at the beginning of the school year.  

During the sports day, children from groups 1 to 8 do all kinds of sporting games in small groups under the guidance of helping parents.  

Events committee 
The Events Committee (EC) consists of a group of enthusiastic parents of Vredeburg pupils. They support the team in various activities during the school year, so that lots of fun things can be done at school. The EC, consisting of at least 5 members, forms the board of the parents' association. In addition, a delegate from the team is a member of the committee and we are supported by the event coordinator. For each event, the EC works with a working group, which consists of 2 committee members as well as some enthusiastic parents. 

The EC meets once a month in a public meeting. A member of the MR (Participation Council) may also join the meeting. 

School photographer 
Once a year, the school photographer comes by for an individual photo and a group photo. Siblings who attend Vredeburg are also allowed to have their photo taken together during school hours. This does not apply to siblings who do not attend Vredeburg. 

Theme day  
Every year, the preschoolers have a festive theme day in spring.  This is always a very fun, special day that the preschoolers usually enjoy intensely.   

This party always takes place in and around the school. The children eat at school, in the afternoon a performance by a clown/juggler or the like are often the regular ingredients. 

School trip 
Every year, groups 3 to 7 go on a school trip to a zoo or amusement park. This is led by parents and teachers. The Events Committee organises this together with the teachers. The children are transported by bus. For group 8, there is a  a special day, with all sorts of activities regarding secundary school instead of a school trip 

Group parent(s):   
Each group at our school has its own group parent or group parents. For groups 1 to 4, two parents are requested. For groups 5 to 8, one parent. They are a kind of intermediary between parents and teacher. In consultation with the teacher, the group parents perform the following tasks:assisting with Easter and Christmas and helping to decorate the classroom, etc. Group parents are not supposed to do everything themselves. They are a point of contact for the teacher and parents.   

It is important to note, however, that it is better to discuss specific questions about your child or the teaching and group events directly with the teacher. 

Several times a school year, an extra cleaning of the group room is organised. These moments always take place during gym classes, when the teacher and children are not in the classroom.  

All pupils from group 1 to 8 receive a report twice a year that lists each pupil's progress. These are discussed during the progress interview and final interview. The reports are given in February and July. Group 8 receives one report card. At the end of primary school, they receive a certificate 

Four discussions take place per year with teacher, parent(s), child. In a number of discussions, pupils are also present. We consider the parent-child-teacher triad very important. The document: Conversation cycle 2022-2023 can be found on our school website under the heading: Parents.  

At our school, we work with the CITO pupil monitoring system-primary education.   
This allows us to track your child's progress, independent of the methods.  
Groups 3 to 7 take a middle and a final test in the various subject areas, including spelling, reading comprehension, arithmetic and vocabulary. These are the so-called M and E tests.  
Group 8 takes the M test and the national Cito Eindtoets in April. This is a test spread over three days, in which the children take the sections language, maths and study skills.  


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